LH Event Design is a boutique studio that specializes in creating beautifully detailed celebrations that perfectly reflect your unique style.
Owner and Creative Director Laura Himmelein
Owner and Creative Director Laura Himmelein.    Photo by Joy Yagid Photography.

I confess. I am obsessed with all things “party”and have been for as long as I can remember. I was eight years old when I threw my first wedding: I organized and oversaw the marriage ceremony and reception of my stuffed plush gorilla to my neighbor’s stuffed orangutanin what still may reign as one of the most memorable and spectacular backyard betrothals of the 1970s. The bride-rilla wore a beautiful veil I created from my discarded ballet class tutu and held (with the help of a few safety pins) a simple hand-picked lily of the valley bouquet I arranged. Afterward, a delectable menu of baloney and butter tea sandwiches and lemonade was served to the (human) guests in attendance.

…collaborating with clients is my favorite part of this amazing job

Decades later, as a professional event stylist, I’m still obsessing over the detailsbut always in a good way. Paint chips and Pantone color books set my heart aflutter. I’ll walk miles through flower fields to source the “perfect petals” and I have even single-handedly schlepped a canoe to a penthouse ballroom to create an authentic camp scene. But, just like when I was a little girl, it’s a joy to bring these events to lifeand to always keep things fun and playful.

I founded Party Cake Party Cake in 2011 and since then have created lovingly detailed celebrationsfrom kids’ birthday parties to bar and bat mitzvahsthat are special, fun and perfectly attuned to the unique personality of the people they celebrate.

In 2016, I introduced my complementary business venture, LH Event Design, which offers my experience and expertise to people whose birthdays are now well into double-digits and whose wedding days probably won’t include stuffed-toy simians (though I can totally work with that should you so desire!).

At LH Event Design, I work closely with you to ensure your event is picture perfect and that it feels naturalnever forced or too fussy. In fact, collaborating with clients is my favorite part of this amazing job and together with you I’ll find all the unique and surprising ways to reflect your special occasion and your personal style. And I promise we’ll have lots of fun doing so.

Looking forward to hearing from you!